therapist bios

Heidi Schopen – Oregon License # 13114
Heidi has been practicing massage in the Portland area since 2005! Her massage incorporates a blend of Swedish, Trigger Point, Myofacial and Deep Tissue. She is very passionate about helping others and listens to each clients needs individually to determine the focus areas for each session.

Mon. & Sat 9:45-3
Friday 11:15-5

Austin Johnson – Oregon License #23971 
Incorporating techniques from Thai bodywork, Austin blends Deep Tissue as well as Swedish modalities to create a relaxing restorative massage. He also brings a body of knowledge from rock climbing, yoga and Muay Thai.

Mon, Tues and Fri. 2-8:30
Saturday 3:45-8:30

April Aviles – Oregon License #22864 
With her training from Portland’s own East West College, April has melded her practice into her focused studies in Thai Massage and Structural Myofacial Release. Her style is a slow sink into deep tissue layers, providing not only musculoskeletal benefits but also deep relaxation. She is perceptive to her clients needs and excited join the Tiny Massage Cart.

Wednesday 11-4
Thursday 2-8
Sat. & Sun. 9-2

Nikki Romick- Oregon Licence #23724
Massaging since 2011, Nikki is driven by a desire to help people reconnect with their bodies. She has worked with all injury stages and has been inspired to keep evolving by witnessing her clients healing stories. Her style draws from a mix of Deep Tissue, Swedish, Myofacial Release and Trigger Point Therapy. Her goal in sessions is to provide bodywork that is deeply relaxing, nurishing and grounding.

Mon. & Thurs. 2-8
Sat. & Sun. 3-8

Maylani Maathai- Oregon License #22621
Maylani offers calm, focused, treatment-oriented sessions . She is quiet, careful and moves slowly between the layers of muscles and fascia to provide deep, restorative bodywork that is both relaxing and theraputic. Maylani’s treatments are always tailored to your specific requests and may include techniques and tools from Thai Medicine and Ayurveda such as hand-blended organic herbal balms and oils, cupping, scraping (guasha/gaan kruut), passive stretching and acupressure.

Tues. & Wed. 2-8

Nora Lubben- Oregon License # 25507

Nora received her massage education at East West College of the Healing Arts here in Portland. Her personal style blends Swedish massage, deep tissue, and craniosacral therapy. She believes our bodies know how to heal themselves, and is honored to catalyze and witness that process. Her intention is to provide an oasis for her clients to relax, heal, and be more in touch with their bodies. Each session is unique and tailored to her client’s needs.

Daniel Thorstad- Oregon License # 25269

Daniel received his education at Portland’s East West College of the Healing Arts. Using a combination of Myofascial Release, Cranio Sacral, Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage techniques, he tailors each session to the client’s needs and requests. Daniel’s approach focuses on helping the client reach a deep state of relaxation and renewed mind-body connection.

Misty Fall – Oregon License # 23135
Misty graduated  from The Wellspring School of Healing Arts in Portland OR and brings the essence of Amma Therapy.  Moving the Qi or energy with circular strokes which can be firm or light depending on the clients preference. Massage along the Chinese Medicine channels and stimulation of acupressure has clients leaving rejuvanated, relaxed and space and movement where there was once stagnation and pain. Additional offerings include Gua Sha (a scraping technique similar to cupping) if desired.

Check out this article about Gua Sha!

Friday 9-2
Saturday 9-4

David Jones-Hackathorne -License # 22951
David Eagle graduated from Portland’s own East West College. He uses structural myofacial release, deep tissue/neuromuscular therapy to assist in creating better postural alignment. David likes to meet the individual needs of each client. Whether one is seeking intensive deep tissue therapy for chronic pain or if one is seeking massage simply to relax and unwind, he looks forward to working with you!

Wed. & Fri. 4-8:30
Sat. & Sun. 12-8

Megan Vandehey – Oregon License # 13103
With a passion for healing, and almost 15 years experience, Megan’s massage style could best be described as a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point. It is her hope that each session allows her clients a chance to rest, relax and to feel revitalized.

Tues. & Thurs. 10:30-2 

Briana Paris- Oregon License # 16427

As a graduate from Portland’s East West College, Briana has been practicing massage for almost 10 years. A focused yet relaxing therapeutic touch is the intention for each massage. In addition to the Western Swedish-style bodywork one expects during a massage, Briana’s work often includes elements of more focused Deep Tissue techniques, Shitatsu and Tui Na.

Briana (pictured above)


Caroline Clyburn License #22777
Caroline graduated from Asheville School of Massage and Yoga in 2012. In addition to classic Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques, her style reflects the unique training program’s focus on the mutualistic relationship between massage and yoga – saturating her practice with elements of Thai Massage, energy work, and therapeutic stretching.


Raeleen Hunter – Oregon License # 17059
With 20 years of experience in the spa industry, Raeleen begun her career as an esthetician and pedicure specialist, then became a massage therapist in 2010. Last winter, she had the opportunity to deepen her study by attending the International Thai Massage School in Chang Mai, Thailand. She enjoys incorporating passive stretching, compression and energy work into her table massage technique.