We offer a contactless credit card checkout through our Square Reader and accept Apple Pay. Should you wish to add gratuity, there is an option to do so. All receipts will be automatically sent to the email used online to hold your appointment. If you bring cash, please note that the therapists do not carry change. No checks please.

cancellation policy
We require 12 hours notice= No charge
Under 12 hours= Charged full scheduled fee

Same fees also apply to gift certificate holders. 

cancelling appointments
with 12 hours notice: We prefer that you cancel online by way of your reminder emails or texts. This is a big help to our staff since the appointment is immediately deleted from our system and they have the best chance of being re-booked. If you can’t do it online, please email your therapist at (their first name)@tinymassage.com or our last preference is that you call the cart phone 503-607-4991 and leave a verbal message with your name and the date/time of your appointment. If you do not cancel online or give us a verbal/email message of cancellation, you will be charged the full scheduled fee. We value our therapists time and thank you for your understanding.

under 12 hours notice: Our online system does not allow cancellations under 12 hours notice. This means you will have to email a message to your therapist at (their first name)@tinymassage.com or our last preference is that you call the cart phone at 503-607-4991. If you leave a message on our cart phone, the therapist won’t get your message until they arrive for their shift.

late arrival
In respect for everyone’s schedule, late arrivals will still be charged the full rate with no extention of scheduled treatment. The therapists need time to sanitize their station and allow time for the next client to arrive and settle in.

clothed vs traditional massage
If you are getting a clothed massage, we recommend wearing light clothing such as workout clothes and a low back tank top or short sleeved shirt since we might use oil on places where there is skin; arms, neck, upper back and feet. Our traditional massage is similar to a spa massage where you will be able to disrobe to your level of comfort.

service requirements
At this time we are no longer able to preform Pregnancy Massage or massage for minors (under 18 years old).

Located in the heart of Alberta, noise levels can be vibrant. We welcome you to embrace and enjoy this non-traditional experience.

health conditions
Getting a massage when you are sick is not only bad for you, but also for the therapist. When you are sick, your body needs to rest. Even though it might not seem like it, recieving bodywork is an active task. So, massage takes attention away from infection fighting. Some health conditions or recent surgeries will require a doctors note before we can give you a massage. Please check our health and safety page for detailed information www.tinymassagecart.com/healthandsafety/

insurance billing
We do not take insurance at this time.

booking two appointments at once
At this time, we are only taking one appointment at a time which means that side by side is not available. You are welcome to book back to back appointments by reserving them individually.

Gratuity is never expected but always appreciated by our therapists. Each therapist works for themselves even though the group shares the same website for online booking. To best match your style preference, please read the therapist bios.

do you have a membership program?
Our membership program has reached capacity! If you would like to be notified about any openings, please email us [email protected].

contact us
For general questions, we prefer email:
[email protected]

If you encounter any problems with your massage, simply email your name, date and time of your appointment to [email protected] and we will see that you are taken care of accordingly. If you prefer to use the administrator message line, please call (503) 929-3845.